Installlation, Repairs, & Maintenance

Catering to the Consumer
Southern Comfort Mechanical technicians are factory trained and certified for both residential and commercial generators. It is recommended by the factory that the generator units be inspected on at least a yearly basis to keep them in top running condition. Southern Comfort Mechanical Inc. offers that service under contract and has factory trained and certified technicians.

Below is a listing of checks and services that are performed on the yearly maintenance inspection. We are also available for warranty work and/or troubleshooting and repairing any problems that may come up.

(Oil change and Battery replacement at the discretion of the Inspection Technician.) Please contact us for more info.

The following items will be checked: (Once annually unless otherwise requested)

  • Pre-Start Checks: Engine Running Checks
  • Visual Inspection Engine Governor/Actuator
  • Fuel Line Filter All Gauges
  • All Coolant Hoses Warning Lights/Shutdowns
  • Engine Coolant Heater Output Voltage
  • All Pulley Belts All Electrical Connections
  • Battery Trickle/ Battery Cables All Electronic Controls
  • Spark Plug Wires Transfer Switch Operation
  • Spark Plugs Fluid Leaks
  • Electrical Connection
  • Oil Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Engine Fluid Levels (Liquid Cooled Only)
  • Block Heater (Liquid Cooled Only)
  • Change Oil and Filter (If Needed)
  • Automatic Operation and Engine Running in Manual will be checked.
  • The unit will be cleaned
  • The exhaust will be painted (weather permitting)
  • The generator will be switched back to Automatic.